“Breathing Alive:” Intro to the Sufi Science of Breath

The Breath is the current which is established between all planes of existence. Its current runs from the life unseen to the life on the surface, thus uniting spirit and matter both. The Breath may be considered as a lift that can take you to any floor up and any floor down. In Breath abides all the mystery there is. The Sufi’s object being self-realization, the Sufi works for its attainment by the means of the Breath, and an ideal so-attained becomes one’s property, one’s kingdom, forever.
—Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

verything is carried on the Breath — our life force, emotions, intuition, the insight essential for finding our true purpose, the inherent human capacity for deep connection and inner freedom, our “vibration.” In short, the Breath carries Life in all forms.

Facility with the current of the Breath confers the ability to enter higher states of consciousness at will, to respond to Inner Guidance as it is speaking, and to maintain clarity and presence in all situations.

o this end, there are teachings given through the ancient spiritual tradition of the Sufis. These teachings have in the past been given symbolically, often in the language and context of religion, but the time has come to free them from these shackles and to offer them in a clear and direct way to all those who want authentic experience of their real self, their true being. It is on the Breath that the soul takes wing.

Sufi “breathwork” is refined and deeply nuanced. Unlike some other approaches to the breath, we do not aim at cathartic release but at discriminating awareness and integration.

This seminar is designed for anyone who breathes, and will emphasize direct experience rather than premise or theory. Healers and psychotherapists will especially benefit.

October 21–22, 2023

Interfaith Community Sanctuary
1763 NW 62nd Street

Saturday, 10 am–5 pm
plus an evening program of Zikr, 7:30 pm–9:00 pm.
Sunday, 12:30 pm–5 pm

Tuition: $75 early registration, $85 after October 15.

Students and seniors, $50. Scholarships & work-exchanges are available.

Early Registration