Audio & Video

Here are some of my audio discourses and classes. Click/tap the speaker icon to listen, or the title to download the file.

Zikr  December 18th 2011 Zikr in Seattle WA

 The Subtle Anatomy of the Mind

 A basic Breath-awareness meditation/practice (from a training in the Sufi approach to Breath given in Austin TX, September 2012)

 Another meditation with the Breath given at the 2012 Austin seminar

 Practices with sound, intoning “HU” and on “harmonic singing” and its application to Sufi “mantra” practice

Meditation on the Perfect Master

4/11/2014 class on Embodiment, Trust, and other cool things.

video Short clip talking about the Turn

video Video of the morning meditation given by me during the June 2014 Summer Retreat of the Ināyati Order

video October 2016 Video interview of me by Wesley Gonzalez for a college project