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Here are some resources that will greatly-benefit your practice and which I consider central to the esoteric work. Clicking/tapping the link will download them. Refer to them periodically in the course of your studies; I only ask that you not share them without my permission.

First-and-foremost, however, is the Purification Breaths. If you do no other practice in the day, do this — even if it’s before your feet hit the floor in the morning. Precede it with the Invocation, at the top of the document of Inayat Khan’s prayers.
The Purification Breaths

Qāsab is a more-advanced breath practice. Do the Purification Breaths daily for at least three months before adding Qāsab to your daily routine.

For some people, Inayat Khan’s prayers are intensely alive, and for others, not — and that’s OK. If you wish, there are prescribed times-of-day for them; consult with me for the sequence.
Prayers of Inayat Khan

Daily Life As Spiritual Practice — suggestions and little rituals to make your whole day into spiritual practice
Daily Life As Spiritual Practice

The teachings on Impression are some of the most esoteric and essential of all the Sufi teachings, and a great deal of the work we do is to clear impressions (the Sanskrit term is samskara) from our being and felt-identity — because therein resides true spiritual liberty.
Teachings on Impression

The Gatha discourses are the foundational orientation to this path, and there are actually some very advanced and nuanced teachings in them.
The Gathas
(These are a subset of Inayat Khan’s addresses to his initiates, and comprise about a fifth of them, the rest being unpublished and privately-distributed based on “grade” in the esoteric school.)

Foundational instruction on the Elements, which form the background on the Purification Breaths:
The Elements

“Magnetism,” what it is and how to build it:

A list of Divine Names, with pronunciation guide:
The Divine Names

Inspiration — what it is, where it comes from, and how to build it:

The Dhikr of the Broom, with an introduction to the system of “subtle centers” (laṭā’if) used in the Inayatīyya:
Dhikr of the Broom

The Planes of Reality as given by Pir Vilāyat:
The Planes of Reality
This is a companion to the “Planes of Existence” musical sequence.